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Five Places to Score Your Next Awesome Secondhand Read

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We all know that Etsy is fabulous for finding gorgeous handcrafted and one of a kind items, but did you know that it’s also a great place to find vintage and secondhand books too? I recommend Etsy for non-fiction coffee table type reads, on topics from mechanics to children’s stories. You will definately find something that is both informative and also looks great in your home!

Secondhand Book Stores

Sure this one is obvious, but the humble secondhand book store still deserves a mention. These days there aren’t many dedicated secondhand book stores around, but those that are, are wonderful for a browse. They are often great for sourcing hard to find or out of print books, just ask the staff what you are after and they will be more than happy to keep an eye out for you.


Like Etsy, eBay is a veritable treasure trove of antique and secondhand books. It’s one of the largest collections around, with over 180,000 antique books alone. It’s also great for finding collectable Young Adult fiction and series, like The Babysitters Club.

Op Shops & Thrift Stores

Although they can sometimes be a bit of a hassle to search through, opshops are a great low cost source for books; you can often get a new read for as low as 50 cents! Book Bazaars, like the ones here in Perth run by Paraquad Industries, often have hundreds of books that are just waiting to be read, many of them ex-library stock that are in near new condition.


Looking for somewhere to search for curated or niche books? Look no further than the ‘Gram. Many sellers are using the platform’s grid layout to full advantage to create gorgeous curated shopping experiences for savvy secondhand shoppers. Try searching hashtags #secondhandbooks, #bookseller, #secondhand for seller accounts you love.

Got another suggestions for great places to search for a riveting read? Pop them below in the comments – happy reading!


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