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My top 5 best secondhand finds

One of my favourite things about secondhand shopping is the thrill of the chase and the heart fluttering moment when you find an outrageous bargain or something extra special. In my time thrifting I’ve definitely bought some duds, but I’ve also found some gems among the fast fashion flops. Here are my top five finds so far.

Hand-me-down Vintage Shoes

Ok so these aren’t technically a ‘find’ per se, but they are still one of my favs. My mum gifted my daughter a pair of red leather sandals that both my brother and I wore when we were babies (i.e. they are over 35 years old!). They are truly one of the most adorable and treasured items that I own.

Cute as a.. pair of hand-me-down red leather sandals?

Glass Tumblers

I bought this set of pretty cut glass tumblers for $6 on a whim while looking for Christmas gifts a few years back. I bundled them in a hamper with a bottle of whisky for my husband and they’ve since become go to have a wee dram (or several) out of, and this is despite me buying him fancy ‘proper’ whisky glasses!

Whisky was not included when I bought them, boo.

Dollhouse for my daughter

Whilst indulging in some self care secondhand shopping on my own at Vinnies Cannington I noticed a dollhouse behind the counter. I got chatting with the sales assistant about how cute it was and she said it had just been put out for sale that morning for $25. My eyes lit up and I started to plan the reno I would do to make it perfect for my daughter to play with. The best bit is I have at least 2 years to work on it, so no rush!

I cannot wait to start upcycling this dollhouse!

Free Bedside Tables

Can I get a ‘hell yeh’ for Facebook Marketplace? Not only does scrolling through keep me occupied for many an hour, I’ve also managed to score a couple of great finds, including this pair of solid wood bedside tables for FREE that I upcycled and transformed from a very dated 90s hotel stained burgundy with silver handles to a lovely oiled wood look.

Amazing what paint stripper and some new handles can do.

Designer Shoes

In terms of monetary value, the best items I’ve scored are several pairs of shoes which retail new for between $220 – $300 (Bared Footwear, Gorman and Frankie4). I bought them for less than $15 each (Gorman were $0 from my local Buy Nothing page) and was able to flip them on Facebook groups for over $100. No diamond ring in a jacket pocket, but not too bad!

These sandals were FREE from my local Buy Nothing group

These are just five of my favourite finds, let me know what you’ve found that you really treasure!


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