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Top 5 Volunteering Resources to Help Give Back

Do you suddenly have alot of free time and can’t find paid work? Or do you want to build a new skill and meet new people? Well, volunteering sounds perfect for you! If you are keen to help out your local community, the environment or someone overseas in another country, but might not know where to get started or how to go about it, we’ve pulled together five resources that should help you on your way to making the world a better place, one small act of kindness at a time.

Volunteering Australia

VA is the go-to for know how on how to volunteer, manage volunteers and just basically everything volunteering in Australia. They have a Resources Hub dedicated to how-tos, policies, procedures etc. for volunteering, so it’s a must if you want to get your own bunch of likeminded people together for a good cause. One standout of the Hub is the information on how to re-engage volunteers, stay safe and recruit new vollies during the COVID-19 pandemic, very important and relevant these days! is where you want to go if you are seeking opportunities or organisations to volunteer your time for within Australia. As of May 2021, there are over 9,300 volunteering opportunities, so plenty to choose from. You can filter by category, the amount of time you are willing to commit and who the opportunity is suited for so it’s super easy to find something. There are even online/remote listings as well if you aren’t keen getting out and about.

Not to be confused with, is another opportunity listing website run by Seek, the paid job listing website. It’s slightly smaller than govolunteer, but has similar filtering capabilities. There are also advice and tips available as well as feel good stories about the difference volunteers are making.

Australian Volunteers

With the COVID-19 pandemic and travel bans, it might seem nigh on impossible to volunteer to help out communities outside of Australia (and sometimes even your own state), but not true! Organisations, such as Australian Volunteers, have now adapted and are supporting their international partners through remote volunteering. They partner skilled Australians with groups in the Indo-Pacific region to help with fundraising, digital marketing, speech therapy, teaching, natural resource management and lots more – have a look at their current assignments to see if you can help out.

Google Is Your Friend

It might seem like a bit of a gimme, but sometimes a simple google will also bring up alot of opportunities, especially to find organisations for overseas volunteering. Try terms like ‘international volunteering’, ‘volunteering abroad’ or ‘remote volunteering’ to bring up lots of organisations and opportunities that might suit you.

Have some other great tips for volunteering? Let us know in the comments!


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