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Want to know where to shop ethically? These websites have your back.

Knowing where to shop without putting too much pressure on the environment and the people that craft your goods is hard. There are so many brands proclaiming how ecofriendly they are, or how ethical their supply chain is, but it is difficult to know if they really are without spending time reading through marketing jargon. Who has time for that? Other than buying secondhand (and the best place to look for those is right here on NNG!), luckily there are some great online resources for looking up brands and companies to make you a bit more comfortable buying something new.

Good On You

Good On You, founded in Australia (aussie aussie aussie!), is a directory website for fashion brands that pulls together information and assigns a score to each brand based on expert analysis. They really advocate for a sustainable and fair fashion industry which make them pretty rad in our books. They not only have a website, but also have an app to make ethical shopping even easier.

By choosing ethically you become the solution. Wear the change you want to see.

Sandra, Gordon and the Good On You team.

Shop Ethical

Another great Australian website, Shop Ethical, is a community based, not-for-profit organisation and network, set up to help facilitate more sustainable purchasing practices for the everyday consumer. They rate all sorts of products, not just clothing and accessories, so this is a great one for researching everyday household items and those important items you can’t go without for your family, like icecream.

Ethical Fashion Guide

Produced every year, the Ethical Fashion Guide is a report by the Baptist World Aid group on what companies are doing to support their workers and the environment. In 2020, they have produced a special report on how the COVID- pandemic has impacted the garment industry. As well as this report, the group rates companies and you can search via their website. A super helpful resource!


These are just a few of the great resources out there to help you make more informed and ethical choices with your wallet. Please share any more resources you know of in the comments!


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