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April/May 2023 Wishlist Secondhand Shopping + March Updates

Ok, so I’ve been shopping during March, keeping in mind my list. I’ve edited my list below to reflect what I found and some things that I’m still keeping an eye out for during April and May.

Travel Items

We are heading to Japan in May, so I’m focused on getting items that will make our trip more comfortable, plus seeing what I might be able to pick up when I’m there:

  • Small waterproof/vinyl pouch for my daughters toiletries I got a vintage Ken Done zippy pencil case thing from Salvos Stores Belmont for $2!
  • Coloured paper and trinkets for crafts on the go
  • Small travel friendly kids books and toys
  • Good quality & condition luggage (not essential, but nice to have) I bought the ‘Checked Plus’ July luggage online. Although I would have liked to get something secondhand, buying a quality product from an Australian company that is backed by a lifetime warranty really sold it for me.
  • Souvenirs, trinkets and keepsakes from Japanese thrift stores!
Stoked with this vintage Ken Done zip pouch for my daughters toiletry case!

Clothing and Shoes

I’ve been on a mission these past few months to really go through my wardrobe with a brutal eye and cull anything that I can’t see myself wearing. I’m also more into wearing and layering basics these days and I know my sense of style is changing as I get older, and care less about trends etc. I’m on the look out for:

  • Basic tees and tanks for layering (great for travel). Bought some basic bamboo tanks from BFree Australia which should be great for layering and also will last.
  • Vintage look oversized tees
  • Oversized jumpers and hoodies
  • Black cardigan
  • Denim jacket (I have one already, but I feel I could get one that is more flattering) Decided to shop my wardrobe and just to go with what I have!
  • Chambray shirt
  • White sneakers (excellent quality for walking on holiday) Got a pair of New Balance C300 Mens sneakers for $18 from Good Sammy Mt Lawley. They are slightly too big for me, but I’m hoping with some socks they will be fine.
  • Comfortable dress that can be worn multiple ways and can be worn with sneakers.
  • Size 3/4 (kids) sleeved dresses and leggings Always still on the lookout for these, but actually got some new from Target as I wasn’t able to find alot in the size I needed in time for the holiday.
These look like they were hardly worn and a bargain at $18!

Upcycling Projects

I’m in the process of redecorating my home office and entrance. I love upcycling so I am searching for solid wood pieces in good condition that I can refinish:

  • Bookcase/cupboard or TV Unit with doors to store books, board games, techy cables and crafting supplies out of sight. Also may create a cat bed bench!
  • Entertainment unit, buffet or hallway cupboard I can convert to a shoe storage bench. The sideboard/TV unit for the hallway still looks like it does below, but hoping to spend some time over winter/spring this year upcycling it.
Got this solid wood TV unit from Facebook Marketplace for $75! Needs some TLC, but can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Playroom Decor

We have recently organised the ‘activity area’ in our upstairs for the main playroom. I’d love to move the majority of my daughters toys upstairs to make our living room more adult again!

  • Wall Art & Prints
  • Frames for art I already have
  • Good quality books

Well that’s what I got in March and what I’m still on the lookout for in April/May. I won’t be posting an update on the list until I’m back from holiday in June. See you then!


I love opshopping, completing DIY projects, being thrifty and creating content. Most of all I want our presence to be light on our beautiful planet.