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What to look out for when summer opshopping

Just like your traditional retail stores, secondhand shops rotate their stock based on seasonality, so items that you find in winter won’t necessarily be available in summer and vis versa. So if you don’t want to miss out here are a few tips to keep in mind when summer opshopping!


Although they are available all year round, op shops tend to display more swimwear during the hotter months when they are more likely to sell. Are you a bit scared to buy swimwear secondhand? Read our tips to avoid the ick factor and bag a bather bargain!


Are you the type of person that regularly looses or breaks your sunnies? Don’t spend a fortune replacing them everytime, buy them secondhand for a fraction of the price of retail!

Shorts & Tees

Leave those jeans behind and pick up a pair of cool shorts for those long hot summer days! It seems pretty obvious, but preloved clothing stores tend to limit the amount of long sleeved tops and knitwear during hotter months in favour of short sleeved tees and shorts. If you are travelling somewhere with the opposite season, it’s a good idea to shop during shoulder season, when winter/summer clothes are generally discounted.

Christmas Decor

Here in the southern hemisphere, summer means Christmas and holiday season. If you celebrate, secondhand stores generally use this time to display and sell the majority of their Christmas stock, although some is available all year round. Be extra thrifty and shop in the post Christmas period where items are generally further discounted (and new stock is added by people donating their used decor!).

Picnic/Beach/Pool Toys & Gear

Looking to capitalise on the beautiful weather during summer but can’t afford that new fancy beach tent or picnic set? Have a look in your local secondhand store, you might be pleasantly surprised. Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree are also great places to search for secondhand camping and outdoor gear.

Kids Toys

Too hot to send the kids outside during the school holidays? Head to your local op shop for a browse in the air-conditioning! Not only will they be entertained while in store, they can also choose something to take home. Secondhand sheets to build a fort in the living room, crafts complete, books to read and DVDs to watch, and toys and costumes/dress ups for play are fantastic for those hot days where no one wants to be outside. And while your kids browse, you can also browse, just encourage them to keep the store tidy and help them out before you leave if you need to.

Do you have any must haves you pick up at the thrift store each summer? Let us know in the comments!


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