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How to thrift like a plus size queen

I’ve been ‘plus size’ or fat (let’s not make it dirty word) pretty much my entire life. Shame about my body and the way it looks has haunted me throughout those awkward pre-teen and teen years, onto my 20s and now 30s.

Constant obsessing over what goes in my body and how I move it over took my life.  I lost around 20kgs and 3 dress sizes for my wedding in my late 20s, and then gained it all back and then some in my early 30s. I’ve gained ‘baby weight’ and not managed to ‘bounce back’. To be honest, I’m really, really done with the shame and stigma that comes with being in a bigger body. 

One thing that has really helped me start to zen out about it is secondhand shopping.  I no longer have to spend hours shopping in boutiques trying to fit into the latest unflattering trend. I can find clothes (and alot of them) which flatter my curves and make me feel fantastic in a range of shapes, cuts and sizes. If I no longer fit into something or it no longer ‘sparks joy’, it gets donated or I resell it. I’ve taken the power back from my clothes and it feels great. 

My journey has taken a few twisty roads, and I’m still hiking up the self love mountain, but I think I’m in a much better place than I was. If you want to feel a bit of relief too, here are some of my tips to really kick those fat shamers’ butts when secondhand shopping: 

  • Ignore size labels and try on everything you like and think might fit.
  • Don’t feel too sad if something doesn’t fit, there will be plenty that does! 
  • Don’t shop for clothes that will make you feel worse if you are feeling particularly vulnerable or having ‘a bad day’. I’m looking at you jean shopping. 
  • Don’t just stick to the ‘plus size section’, alot of extended size brands are incorrectly put in the ladies section. 
  • Check out the mens section for oversized shirts and tees. 
  • Get to know the brands which flatter your shape and remember what their labels look like to make it easy to skim large racks of clothes. 
  • Don’t be afraid to buy too big and get it tailored. Seams can also be let out if they are slightly too small. 
  • Accessorise! A belt, pair of eyecatching earrings and/or chunky necklace can make all the difference with making a blah outfit look a million bucks. 
  • Remember – it’s just clothes. You deserve to live your fullest life, no matter what your wearing or what size you are. 

Any other tips to share? Otherwise, I’ll see you at the op shop, 

x Jess


I love opshopping, completing DIY projects, being thrifty and creating content. Most of all I want our presence to be light on our beautiful planet.